St. John's Lutheran


100 St. John's Church Road
Concord, N.C.


Established 1745

Choir Schedules and Events

Sunday Practices

3:00pm- Cherub Choir practice

3:30pm - (Older children) Junior Choir  



Monday Practices for Easter

7:00pm- Adult Choir practice

              (8:30 service group)

7:20pm - Adult Choir practice

              (11:00 service group)


*combined practice starts at 7:45pm;

all are welcome to come practice for Easter Service with the choirs



"Trying to do the Lord's work in

your own strength is the most

confusing, exhausting, and

tedious of all work.  But when

you are filled with the Holy Spirit,

then the ministry of Jesus just

flows out of you."  - Corrie Ten Boom