St. John's Lutheran


100 St. John's Church Road
Concord, N.C.


Established 1745

     The Heritage Center at St. John’s

Why is there a Heritage Center at St. John's Lutheran Church?


    The members of St. John’s congregation have always been people of great devotion, energy, and pride.  We have cherished our heritage and have preserved many records and items of historical value relating to it.  We at St. John’s can be justly proud of our history and the fact that Lutheranism centered here in the mid to late 1700s.  Under the leadership of Rev. Adolph Nussman the Lutheran Church spread throughout western North Carolina, Tennessee, and into the Midwest from its humble beginnings on the banks of Dutch Buffalo Creek in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.  [More can be read about our history on this web site.]


    The importance of preserving records and memorabilia that relate to the founding and activities of St. John’s have become increasingly important over the last several decades.  In 1989 a Heritage Committee was formed to set about assembling what could be salvaged of historic significance and to collect related oral stories from the memories of our oldest members.  That collection eventually outgrew a room that was located in back of the sanctuary, and therefore, the Heritage Committee proposed a ‘better’ facility to preserve our rich heritage.  The congregation agreed and decided to build a separate building of museum quality.  Although there are some museum type articles, the building is dedicated to being primarily an archive consisting especially of documents, genealogies, photographs and recordings.  The building is fully handicapped accessible.  The Heritage Center at St. John's was first open to the public on "Homecoming Sunday", September 21, 2008. 


    The St. John's Heritage Center in and of itself can be of no service unless, through it, people renew their own faith and enthusiasm to carry forward with determination the activities and mission of those preceding.  During the course of a year people from throughout the United States visit this holy place seeking answers in their family and faith heritage.  A dedicated Heritage Center is a lasting means of ministry by which others visiting it may go away with a deeper understanding of religious meaning and by so doing assist in the advancement of God’s Kingdom.  Our German fore-bearers would feel this to be a worthwhile task.  May we view it in the same light.

How is the Heritage Center used?


  • We have the enhanced ability to collect and preserve memorabilia and artifacts.  The additional work space and storage allows better preservation efforts, cataloging, and proper storage of documents, photographs, and memorabilia.  Additionally, the archived material will be readily available for family members, students and researchers following proper assession into the archive.

  • We have the ability to collect and store more historical documents.  The building provides a state-of-the-art environment for protecting and archiving documents.  A securely monitored facility with preservation procedures provides the incentive for more families to donate, and possibly loan, documents and memorabilia of significance to our congregation, community, and the Lutheran Church. 

  • The Center serves as a research facility.  Individuals can research St. John’s and the old Dutch Buffalo Meeting Haus history and conduct genealogical research.

  • The Heritage Center serves as an educational facility.  The facility will provide an attractive site for school and area groups to visit for a local history lesson.  St. John’s confirmation youth and prospective members can use the facility to learn about the heritage of St. John’s.

  • We can provide workshops for other area churches on how to collect and preserve documents.

Can I give a gift of support to the St. John's Heritage Building?


    We would be most thankful for your support.  You can send your gift in a letter to the address below.  Please include your name, street address, city, state, zip code and telephone number.  Also include if you are simply giving a contribution, a memorial, an honorarium, or a combination of a memorial – honorarium.  If you desire a memorial or honorarium, please include the name or names and addresses of those to be memorialized or honored.  Please print all this information. Also, you may go to the menu on this website designated "Donate/Contribute" and register your gift electronically.  There is a memo section to add any additional information when submitted electronically.


Where do I send my gift?


St. John's Lutheran Church
100 St. John’s Church Road
Concord, NC 28025

Should I have any more questions, whom should I contact?


    You can write to the church using the address above.  The church can be contacted at (704) 436-6081.  Also, you can   e-mail Mrs. Linda Herring, of the Heritage Committee, at:

What about appointments for research and tours?

The St. John's Heritage Center is not professionally staffed, but rather, is staffed by interested volunteers.  In order to use proper methods of preservation we consult with the James R. Crumley, Jr., Archives located on the Campus of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, South Carolina and utilize "Past-Perfect" software to account for items in our collection.  Obviously, those who volunteer have many other time commitments.  Therefore, a request to research or tour in the Heritage Center needs to be submitted at least two weeks prior to the desired date and time. 


 The Heritage Committee of St. John's Lutheran Church?

          Linda Herring, Chair
          David Ritchie, Council Contact Person

  Mary Jo Ritchie

          Roger Kohls

          Tina Conder

          Vickey Cline

          Shirley Misenheimer

          Sharon Perdue
   Carolyn Campbell

Lawrence Campbell

 Deane Flowers

 Mike Herring

 Ellen Thomas


Below is a picture of the St. John's Heritage Center.

"Pioneers of Faith:

A History of St. John's Lutheran Church"


    This is a hardcovered, well researched book about the heritage of the congregation. Ned Cline, who has published numerous books about various subjects in North Carolina, interviewed many people and performed much research. The book was released for the first time to the public in June of 2006. 

If you are interested in buying "Pioneers in Faith" please submit a request and payment by check to St. John's Lutheran Church, 100 St. John's Church Road, Concord, NC, 28025. Each book costs $24.95 + $4.00 shipping for a total of  $28.95.