St. John's Lutheran


100 St. John's Church Road
Concord, N.C.


Established 1745

Programs and Opportunities to Participate


    There is something for everyone at St. John's.  Various ministries and organizations thrive in this lively congregation and enable people in the congregation to participate in worship leadership, social ministry, evangelism, fellowship, personal growth and caring for each other.

    Those attending worship can help with more than twenty tasks to help our two Sunday services run smoothly.  An individual might want to read scripture to the worshiping community, carry a torch or the processional cross, light the candles, greet others coming to worship, set up the altar, help with Holy Communion, tend the nursery, lead a special time for children, usher, and the list continues.  

    Music is a major part of our worship life.  We offer a different adult choir for each service, a children's choir, a junior choir, a hand-bell choir for both adults and for children/youth, and opportunities for solos - instrumentally and vocally.  In 1993 we installed in the sanctuary a new digital Ahlborn-Galanti pipe organ to lead those worshiping in praising Jesus Christ.  

    Christian education has been an important part of St. John's Lutheran Church since the 1700s.  We have a pre-school program that we call Playschool, and it has enrolled well over one hundred students.  In June, our Vacation Bible School has consistently has a well attended program that brings children, youth and adults into a closer relationship with Christ.  St. John's provides Sunday school classes for every age group, with a special opening for the youngest.  Wide ranges of adult experiences are offered with six Sunday school classes and various study groups throughout the year.  

    Children and Youth have an opportunity to be involved in a group that is age- appropriate.  Bible study, fun activities, fellowship, doing for others less fortunate and attending regional events with other congregations are offered to those who are younger at St. John's.  

    Various groups at St. John's give a person the opportunity for growth and fellowship.  We have four women's circles that relate of the national "Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America".  All of our "circles" perform social ministries, give opportunity for fellowship, visit the homebound, and many other important activities.  Our "Lutheran Men in Mission" provide opportunities for fellowship, help to build up a statewide "loan fund" for the building of smaller congregations, and hope to sponsor a professor's position at Southern Seminary in Columbia, SC.   We offer a spirituality group called "Via de Cristo".  This group offers time for fellowship and praise, but focuses on a close relationship with Christ.  During the year, Via de Cristo holds various meetings and weekend retreats for members of this group throughout the state.  St. John's has a group for people who are fifty-five years or older called "The Goodtimers".  This large, very active group meets about four times a year for fun and fellowship.  Dinners away from or at St. John's and day bus trips to places of interest are an important part of The Goodtimers agenda.  

    The nuts-and-bolts of St. John's Lutheran Church is her committees, they keep the congregation running well.  A person offers his or her special talents in an area that helps the functioning of the congregation.  Some of the committees one can participate in are Christian Education, Heritage, Evangelism, Finance, Stewardship, Social Ministry, Fellowship, Worship & Music, Youth, Recreation and Property.  Also, there are many individual opportunities offered for one to give of her or his self.  


St. John's Lutheran Church is an active congregation that has enjoyed the energy and devotion of her members for many years, thus making her a strong church for Christ's mission into the future.

Programs Offered:

Sunday School: Children, Youth, and Adults

Nursery and Children's Church

Lambs and Lions


Adult Choirs (2)

Junior Choir

Cherub Choir

Handbell Choir

Children's/Youth Handbell Choir

Missions: Rudy Tree Gulf, Men's Building

Good-timers Group